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Exclusive design and shape: its semi-rigid shell is maintained even in moistened and heavy loading environments. Upper part pre-formed for a quick and an easy adjustment. Ultra-soft inner veil for a pleasant contact to the skin to avoid irritation and improve acceptance.


Ultra-light (11g), it presents a great inner volume to minimize wearer's fatigue and increase acceptance in time. Twin supple and resistant elastics stapled on ear tabs to avoid any risk of irritation and leakage of the filtering media. Free nose area. No nosebridge adjustment needed.


Compatibility with spectacles and excellent field of vision. Exhalation valve for more comfort and acceptance in time. Its valve membrane is frontally protected to minimize risks of damages and leaks. No latex, no silicone, nor PVC.


  • Easy to use
  • Quick adjustment
  • Good fit for everyone
  • Highly efficient and secure
  • Improved comfort of the wearer
  • No oppression on face
  • Ease of speech movement
  • Breathing comfort is optimised thus increasing acceptance in time
  • No restrictive use
  • Environment respect

Honeywell SuperOne 3204 - FFP1 NR D